Glasses Link Conveyor Belt

Glasses Link Conveyor Belt Features

Glasses link conveyor belt made straight rod string, and ends with the chain, steel wire processing become glasses, can also be customized according to customer requirements in other shapes, and then the structure of the bone into hard, use the insert ring shaft or welding connection method expanded mesh, steel wire can be connected by round wire, flat wire, plate.
All of them are driven by the chain of the small shaft to drive the network belt operation, the net bar is inserted into the small axis, the small axle can be worn into the chain hole, thus reaching the chain drive conveyor network belt. Running stability, bearing capacity is strong, can carry the heavy, smooth surface, suitable for the unstable products delivery opening rate, ventilation, water, easy to wash and glasses net belt because of the big hole is very suitable for coating operation process, to minimize contact with the transmission belt.

Glasses Link Conveyor Belt Advantages

Positive sprocket drive ensures stable running.
Belt has smooth surface and unstable products can be Carried.
Washing is easy.
Aperture can be incerased for high air permeability and Hydration capacity.
Reinforcement plate links are made for heavy load and High speed.

Glasses Link Conveyor Belt Applications

Mainly used for rock wool, beer, fiberglass and other new building materials processing of automatic water transmission line.

Glasses Link Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

Glasses link conveyor belt technical data
Type Rod Pitch(n)
Rod Dia.(d1)
Belt Thickness
Equipped Chain Spiral Wire
CL25.4x 25.4 5-14 8-17 16A,16B Round / Flat
CL31.75x 31.75 6-14 9-17 20A,20B Round / Flat
CL38.1x 38.1 7-14 10-17 24A,24B Round / Flat
CL44.45x 44.45 9-14 12-17 28A Round / Flat
CL50.8x 50.8 8-14 13-17 32A Round / Flat
CL63.5x 63.5 10-14 13-17 32A Round / Flat
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